Who are we

We are a consulting and financial services company that has been dedicated for more than 20 years to the life and non-life insurance sector with recognized competence in the market.

We provide quality & personalized service to companies and individuals.

Our customers are always catered for in a personalized manner and all matters and claims are resolved with maximum rigor, speed and transparency.

We are confident of our knowledge and experience, we have the most appropriate solutions so that you can manage the unforeseen events of your company, your life and the whole family to face the challenges of the future.

Associates of Aprose and the Chamber of Commerce Portugal Holanda.

* Insurance intermediary registered on 01/27/2007 in the register of the ISP-Insurance Institute of Portugal with the category of Insurance Agent, under number 307003644/3, with authorization for the Life and Non-Life branches, verifiable in www.isp.pt